Engineer Services

Thanks to our collaboration with the civil engineer Zacharias Mintzias, our company can provide complete solutions beyond the sale and lease of real estate. We can help you overcome legal difficulties that could block the transfer, reduce the value, delay or even cancel any buy-in.

Engineer Certifications

According to the law 4178/2013 it is prohibited and it is invalid any property contract transfer, without an engineer’s certificate, that confirms that the property is legal & has been build according to its building permit & the related legal plans. In the case that there is any construction beyond the permit limits, it is necessary to be “legalized” by an engineer & all the related documents along with the engineer’s certificate must be attached in the contract.

The certificate does not include the check of common use surfaces of the property.

Certificate of Energy Efficiency

Our company can issue a certificate of energy efficiency by a certified energy inspector, which will show the energy performance of the building through nine categories (A+, A, B+, B, C, D, E, F, G).

The energy certificate includes:

  • Minimum energy efficiency requirements
  • Calculated and actual annual primary and final energy consumption
  • Annual carbon dioxide emissions
  • Percentage of participation of renewable energy in total consumption
  • Recommendations for improving the energy performance of the building


The issue of an energy certificate is a mandatory procedure in order to:

  • Rent the whole or part of a building
  • Sale the whole or part of a building
  • Completion of the construction of a new or remodeled building
  • Integration of residential buildings into the “home energy saving program”
  • Energy upgrade of an illegal construction
  • Buildings of public and wider public sector