It is very important before purchasing a used home to get a preliminary estimate of its renovation costs from an engineer or professional contractor who is involved in renovations. Especially in real estate, the time that a property stays unused reduces its value and therefore its profitability.

The cost of repairs depends largely on the tasks you will want to do. However, the majority of repairs and renovations ranges from 100-300 € / m2, except for very small interventions (e.g. painting). In essence, however, a decent internal or external renovation gives value to the property and makes it more “easy to sell” or very easy to lease, resulting in a happy owner.

Photorealistic Property Display

The photo-realistic display of a renovation proposal enables the owner to see how he can transform his home, store or office using special 3D software. Our company, having collaborations with architects & interior designers, can give you this service within the renovation costs.